How does this all woRK?

Lips is a dinner show restaurant, our servers are also your performers!  The seating times for each show are designed to allow for maximum entertainment.  Once you and your group arrive, you'll swing by the bar and grab a cocktail.  All seating is pre-assigned, based on accommodation of party size and when your reservation was made. Once you're settled in, your fabulous Diva will take your food order.  After the show, you will receive a bill that includes all your food/beverage purchases and cover charges. Your server can take up to 4 cards and cash to pay for the bill.  For large parties, we highly recommend your guests bring cash.  We have an ATM on-site, if needed.

What do you gals do for celebrations?

ON STAGE CELEBRATIONS are $10 for the person going on stage.

On-Stage celebrations include a special crown or tiara, a few moments of fame of stage with the show hostess, a souvenir on-stage photo with our Divas, plus a special dessert (birthdays) or on-stage shot (bachelorettes).  Just let your waitress know that you want an On-Stage Celebration and she will take care of everything!


Sort of... We are an all ages venue, however we strongly recommend no one under the age of 13.  Our shows have colorful language and the innuendos fly freely.  Parties under the age of 18 are required to have an adult present at all times.  The only exception is our late-night Taboo Show on Saturday night at 11:30 PM, that is a 21 and up show only.

*We have a full bar to serve those 21 and over.

Do you have a food or drink minimum?

Yes.  We are a dinner show restaurant, therefore we strictly enforce a $15 FOOD minimum purchase per-person, alcohol purchases do not count towards this minimum.  Groups that do not meet the minimum food purchase amount will receive a charge that covers the deficit.  The only exceptions are during our late-night Taboo Show on Saturday at 11:30 PM or parties of 10 or less on Friday –  both have a $15 food and/or drink minimum per-person, 

Is there a cover charge?

There is an entertainment charge (cover) that will be added to your bill at the end of the evening.  The charge is $10 per-person on Saturday and Friday nights; $5 per-person on Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday, and Sunday Dinner; and a $7 per-person on Sunday Brunch.

*Special events may have an adjusted cover charge amount.

Do you automatically include the tip on my bill?

We DO NOT automatically include the gratuity (tip) on your check.  However, for your convenience and if you request it, your server can add it to your bill and determine the per-person amount for you.  The suggested gratuity is 20%.

Do I really need to make a reservation?

YES!  Reservations are required for every show at Lips.  Walk-ins will only be seated if there is space available (which is very rare).  Large parties (10 or more) should try to schedule their reservation at least 2 weeks ahead of time.  Smaller parties (10 or less) should try to schedule their reservation at least 1 week ahead of time. 

I want my party to have a theme, can I bring decorations?

We encourage guests to maximize the fun while celebrating at Lips.  However, decorations and party-favors that disrupt the show or impede the enjoyment of other guest are not allowed.  For example: horns or noise makers, balloons, banners, or large table decorations.  And absolutely no CONFETTI or GLITTER BOMBS!  We also ask that whatever you bring in, you also take with you.

Our interior is highly decorated and over the top, there's no need to bring your own decorations.  Save that money for cocktails!

Can I bring an outside cake and alcohol?

Parties are permitted to bring a maximum of two bottles of champagne or wine (regular size only), and each bottle is subject to a $20 corking fee.  No outside liquor or beer is allowed.  Also, "pre-gaming" in our parking lot is illegal and will not be allowed.

Outside cakes are allowed.  Just a reminder, large party reservations that are using our Prix-Fixed Menu have dessert included with their meal and birthday celebrations come with a cupcake for the birthday girl/boy.