So you think you can drag?

RULES & Guidelines:

- Call our reservation hotline at (619)295-7900 in advance to let us know that you'd like to perform.  This is just so we get an idea of how many contestants we'll have.

- If you invite people to see you perform and cheer you on, they will need a reservation and must adhere to the reservation policy.

- Our Divas arrive early, and so should you, darling!  The seating begins at 7:00 PM.  We conduct our regular show and go right into the contest.  The order of the contestants is determined by when you arrive.  First to arrive is last to perform, last to arrive is first to perform.

- When you arrive, speak to one of the staff and we'll add you to the line-up. Then head to the bar and leave your music with the bartender.  Your music must be on a thumb drive or CD.  WE WILL NOT PLAY MUSIC OFF YOUR PHONE!  Nobody wants to hear a Grindr notification during your death drop!  :)

- Contestants are the ONLY people allowed in the dressing room, friends/family must remain downstairs!  Our Divas need to make quick costume changes and hate showing their goodies or being crowded.


- Remember, you're a guest and trying to make a good impression.  Check any larger than life attitudes at the door.

- We all love a good ballad, but just remember... Lips is a party place!  Your song selection should energize the audience and keep the party going.

- Contestants will be judged in the following areas:

   -  Overall Look

   -  Performance

   -  Lip Synch

   -  Crowd Reaction